Raising The Bar uses a three pronged fitness approach focusing on Mindset, Nutrition and Training to help you overcome obstacles, create new healthy habits and get the best body transformation results possible.

Raising The Bar specialises in online coaching, body transformation and offers a unique, personalised approach that allows members to join in, learn, grow, and to thrive. 


Raising The Bar is on a mission
A mission to help people to live a happy, longer, healthier and fitter life
By realising their bodies full potential through clean eating and physical activity.

We want to put the “health” back into the health and fitness industry.


Mindset icon used by raising the bar fitness depicting a rosette with a dumbbell on

Consistency, dedication, determination and a "what ever it takes" attitude are all crucial to achieve the results you want.
Mindset is everything and the key to success

Nutrition icon used by raising the bar fitness depicting an apple with a bite in it

Your mind and your body needs nutrients to work and function. With nutrition you really do get out what you put in. We show you how to eat for success.

Training icon used by raising the bar fitness depicting an upward arrow in the middle of dumbbells

Your body wont change with out training it to do so.
Training is our favorite part here at Raising The Bar.
Train hard, train often and Raise The Bar each time.

Acountability icon used by raising the bar fitness depicting people with a dumbbell

By becoming a Bar Raiser you are not only accountable to me and to yourself but part of a community of like minded people all here to help you stay on track.

Personal trainer finbar harte dead lifting at raising the bar fitness



Hi, I am Finbar Harte, creator and head personal trainer/coach at Raising the Bar Fitness.

I started Raising The Bar Fitness as Raising The Bar Personal Training studio offering one to one, face to face personal training and coaching as Raising The Bar progressed I started blogging in order to give a place of reference, offer everyday fitness, nutrition and mindset advice and reach and help more people.

Over time, Raising The Bar Fitness has grown to the online community it is today.
My goal is to help as many people as possible, keep Raising The Bar and expanding this community of like-minded people of all background, sex and ability who are all looking to Raise The Bar in fitness and life.

My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began in 1996 when I first started training in kickboxing in the UK, and I was bitten by the fitness bug instantly.
In 1999 we relocated back to Ireland, and I joined my local kickboxing club – West Cork Kickboxing club.
In 2005 when I won my first kickboxing medal and trained and qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Over the years, I have studied and trained in strength and conditioning, body transformation, powerlifting, callisthenics, boxing, Muay Thai and yoga.
I am continually Raising The Bar to be able to offer the best possible service, getting great results for my clients and do it all by sharing my passion for health and fitness.