Beginner Program


The complete all round beginners program

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Length: 12 Week program – This program is ongoing for 12 weeks

Training Days: 3 – 5 days – This program requires 3 training sessions a week

Equipment: This program requires gym usage 

Level: This program is open to all levels of fitness

The Raising The Bar beginners program is the perfect program for an absolute beginner to weights the gym or fitness.

This program incorporates different training styles, weighted aerobic and anaerobic exercise to give you the best base to build upon as you progress on your fitness journey.

This program is a complete all-rounder and will not only help you build healthy habits and start a sustainable routine but it also helps you to

  • Learn Exercises
  • Get Strong
  • Get Fit
  • Build Muscle
  • Burn Fat
  • Build a Solid Base


  • Full use of the Training App for program display and tracking 
  • Introduction and program overview pack
  • 12 Weeks of goal specific training 
  • Access to The Bar Raisers Groups 
  • Access to 12 Week Progress Photo Incentive 


The Raising The Bar training app brings your program to the next level 
  • Exercise video explainers and demonstration 
  • Fully programmed calendar with all you training days, workouts, weigh in days and progress included with reminders
  • Track every exercise and workout as you go 
  • Upload body images and body stats as you go 
  • See all your results and progress 
  • Sync MyFitnessPal for nutrition tracking 
  • Follow and train anytime anywhere 
  •  Connect FitBit and Nokia Health for a complete training metrics.

* This is a training program and does not include nutritional advice
* As with all training programs please ensure you have doctors clearance before commencing