At Raising The Bar we do not believe in fad diets, extreme calorie restrictions, or eliminating one whole food group or macro nutrient from your diet.
Our approach on Nutrition is based on a balanced healthy diet of nutrient dense food that is right for you.
We use a calorie and macro tracking system (not IIFYM). 
Our nutrition plans are not set meal plans with food we have chosen, that you have to eat.
We give you all the advice, recommendations and methods but also give you ownership from day one and work with you every week to improve your nutrition, to maximise results and create long lasting healthy habits 


Great news Bar Raisers I have been busy creating a free High Protein Nutrition Pack that is now available for you to download!

The one similarity I see with all new intakes to my programs is that the amount of protein consumed in a day is very low.
Clients are always asking me “how can I add more protein?”
“I can’t get my protein up”

Increase your protein intake with these delicious recipes. 

This is My gift to you

Mockup of the Raising The Bar fitness Free High Nutrition pack

Free nutrition Worksheets

Watch this space (literally) as I am working on more recipe and nutrition downloads for you to enjoy  

Image of space with the words "watch this space" on it


When it comes to nutrition for body transformation a lot of attention, dedication and determination to succeed are required but more importantly there needs to be a mindset shift  and the way you think about food and your approach to nutrition are vitally important.
You need to change old habits and adopt new habits step by step to ingrain a new sustainable approach that can be maintained and managed in the long term.

"Nutrition for a successful body transformation is eating enough nutrient-dense food to sustain exercise performed while adapting for your goal”


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