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Man with strong arms out stretched and tense with blog title "how do you transform your body"

How Do You Transform Your Body?

There is a lot of factors to a successful Body Transformation and here at Raising The Bar Fitness we are dedicated to giving you all the information, help and resources

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A man and a woman in the gym back to back flexing thier biceps witha title "What is body transformation"

What Is Body Transformation?

As you become more familiar with me and Raising The Bar Fitness you will see and notice I refer to “Body Transformation” a lot but what is body transformation and

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Blog post cover image with a lot of different colored fruit with the words "what are macros, macronutrients"

What Are Macros – Macronutrients

Food diary’s and tracking what we eat serve multiple purposes, one of those being tracking and balancing our macro’s or macronutrients. When explaining this to someone for the first time,

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Blog post image showing a woman working out at home with the words "how to start working out from home"

How To Start Working Out At Home

As we emerge from lockdown and try and go back to some sort of normality the gym landscape and personal training landscape has changed dramatically, and more and more people

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Blog post cover image showing man doing mountain climbers inside with view of city outside

No Gym No Problem

The year is 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world like something out of an sc-fi or horror film. Countries are in lockdown, people have been asked to

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Blog post title image showing a weighing scales with a body tape measure on it and the words "get off the scales"

Get Off The Scales

Ok so you made fitness and weight loss goals, and you are sticking to the plan which was SMART (excellent). So how can we measure the success of our plan

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Blog post cover image showing a laid Christmas dinner table with the words "10 top tips on how to eat healthy over Christmas"

Eat Healthy This Christmas

I am here to tell you that it may be easier than you think to stay on top and eat well without doing any damage to your health or fitness goals over the Christmas period.

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